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How do I make a claim?


Some of the various amounts owed to you by your insolvent employer (such as redundancy, unpaid wages, accrued holiday pay and notice pay) can be claimed from the government’s National Insurance fund. Details are provided on the government's website.


Your claim is made to the Insolvency Services and they require that it is submitted online on their website.


In addition to providing your personal details, the Insolvency Service require that you quote their Case Reference number. The Insolvency Practitioner dealing with your employer's insolvency will provide you with this reference (once they have received it from the Insolvency Service). The Insolvency Service have prepared this guidance) to assist you in collating the information you need to have available so as to make your claim.


The claim cannot be submitted to the Insolvency Service until your employer goes into a formal insolvency procedure; such as Liquidation or Administration. This may be some weeks after the company terminated your employment.


If you need assistance regarding the submission of your claim, guidance can be found on the Insolvency Service's website here and you may, also, contact the Insolvency Practitioner handling the case.


If your claim includes payment in respect of Notice entitlement, at the end of the notice period, you will be sent a request for further information which should, again, be provided online. Consequently, this will be paid separately after other payments have been made.


The Insolvency Service has said that they aim to make 78% of payments within 3 weeks and 92% within 6 weeks. The actual time taken to pay any individual claim will, of course, depend on a variety of circumstances.



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