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COOKIES - and how we use them...



What are cookies?


Most internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari, allow websites to store small text files called 'cookies' on your computer.

The cookie can allow a website to remember things such as your username or password so you don't have to re-type them every time you visit. They can, also, enable websites to see how you use them, and this can be used to improve how websites work.

We are required to tell you about the kind of cookies we use, what they're for and how to turn them off.


What cookies do we use?


Name : Google Analytics.

Purpose: These are known as website tracking tools and they're used on most websites. They provide us with general information about how visitors use our website, including details such as what pages they visit, how long the visit lasts and other actions on the websit. This is used to help us identify any problems and make improvements to the website. We do not obtain, use or retain any personally identifiable information.


How do I turn cookies off?


How you disable or delete cookies depends on which particular internet browser you are using. You should be able to check this by going to the Help or Tools section of the browser.

If you want to find out more, you can visit aboutcookies.org, a third-party website, where you can find guidance for both deleting or controlling cookies from your browser.


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